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Big Changes!

[Admin] Ds o Zero DFS posted Mar 27, 15

DFS is about to be under new management. DDmankiller will remain owner, however I will be taking over as the over-seer of all things DFS. There is not much left of this cesspool, that I completely understand, but I feel that I can change all that. My vision differs greatly from DDman's both is player relations and server design/attention and that is why I believe that my interest in reviving DFS will bare fruit. I cannot stress enough, however, that I will need everyone reading this threads help. I can make every possible positive change needed to DFS to be absolutely the best Epoch/Overpoch server this side of the nut house, but none of it will take flight without a community of active players. Below is a quick outline of the immediate changes I will make, and if after skimming over them you approve of where I am going with things, I ask that you help me in bringing players back to New DFS. Invite your Dayz friends, both Old DFS players and players that know nothing of our servers. Post our IP's on message boards, steam chats, help me help DFS back on its feet. "DFS is under new management"

-Day/night vote abolished, return to the cycle.
-Add back Verrukt mission, add other static missions DFS has never seen. (Pobeda Damn) etc.
-Balance ore vein drops to increase potential.
-Increase player attention and administration response time. The whole point of New DFS to me is in solving the major plagues faced by Old DFS, such as lack of interest or concern over player affairs.
-Revamp server rules to allow for more situational analysis. A giant problem faced by Old DFS was the requirements put in place to so much as hear out player complaints and accusations. I understand the Dayz is much more organic, and on top of increased attention to player concerns, rule-breaking and cheating activity will take on a more situational approach.
-Management overhaul, this is a bit redundant but myself and Ds Zero will be the sole administration until further notice. I will try to pry Hubbly's sweet ass out of retirement, but that's TBD.

Again, please help me in bringing DFS back to relevancy. A few ways you can approach past DFS members that are your friends is to let them know about the changes, many left DFS because of the administration, and that is another way you can sell the server. New management, motivated vision, improved player participation in server design. Let me know if there is anything else I am missing here, or how I can bring population back to the server. I plan to begin renovations in ~1 week because I currently have finals to wrap up.

Arma 3 Epoch?


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